What is HIPEC?

HIPEC stands for Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy. In this procedure, a solution containing a chemotherapeautic agent in circulated in the abdominal/ peritoneal cavity and a high temperature for a specific period of time.

Is HIPEC a surgery?

HIPEC is done during surgery. During surgery, first all the tumor is removed which is called Cytoreductive Surgery (CRS) and then the hot solution containing the anti cancer drug (chemotherapy drug) is circulated in the abdominal cavity. By this process 1-2mm sized tumors can be destroyed. Microscopic tumor is also destroyed.

How many sessions are needed?

HIPEC is a single procedure done during surgery. Only 1 session is done at a time.

What is Cytoreductive surgery?

Cytoreductive surgery comprises of removal of tumor from the peritoneal /abdominal cavity. The aim of this surgery is to remove all the visible tumor. To achieve this the peritoneum that has tumor is stripped off the abdominal wall and from the organ surfaces. Sometimes a part of the small or large intestine, gall bladder, liver, spleen, stomach or pancreas may also have to be removed to completely remove the tumor. This is a very important part of the surgery which is done before HIPEC is performed. Complete tumor removal depends on the expertise of the surgeon and also the extent of tumor itself.